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Best Practices for Managing Lawyers

Welcome to Best Practices, formerly the Trial Practice column. Readers of the column will continue to find guidance for how to effectively prepare for and conduct trials, but the title change reflects a broader scope of topics to come. Future articles will highlight best practices and ideals in all aspects of the law, including transactional… Read More »

New York Car Accident Lawyers

Car accident lawyers shield the rights of those humans significantly injured in a motor automobile accident. at the same time as this can sound simple, there are complex legal guidelines governing vehicle twist of fate claims and the car accident legal professional must additionally have information in a numerous variety of disciplines, consisting of medicinal drug, engineering and bio-mechanical engineering. car injuries are a main reason of injury. In ny, there were 294,757 motor car injuries for the 12 months 2012. of those accident 1,082 resulted in fatalities and 123,296 produced personal accidents. auto accidents also are the main cause of loss of life of children, young adults, and teenagers (a long time 5 to 34) and most of… Read More »