This issue of Family Advocate is designed to provide additional support for you as you go through the process of a family law proceeding. The American Bar Association’s Section of Family Law has created it, and it has been given to you to help you make the most of your time with your lawyer. Our… Read More »

Free and Low Cost Legal Resources

Lawful SUPPORT AT DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AND SEXUAL ASSAULT SERVICES At DVSAS, we can offer the accompanying lawful support administrations:  Assistance with recording assurance orders  Court arrangement and backup (we ask for two weeks’ notice for court bolster and can’t ensure a promoter can be accessible for a minute ago demands)  Reporting to… Read More »

Life as a Medical Malpractice Attorney

A medical malpractice case lands on your desk. What is your first thought? What is your plan? If you’re stumped or not sure where to begin, studying the anatomy of a successful medical malpractice case may be in order. Pre-litigation planning. Selecting expert witnesses. Conducting discovery. Submitting motions in limine. Crafting closing arguments. You have… Read More »

Is It Malpractice? How You Can Find Out.

Includes: • Investigating your own malpractice case • Hiring the best lawyer if you decide to pursue a lawsuit (This article is adapted and expanded from an article I wrote for the Washington Post Health section a number of years ago.) The doctor said my friend’s rectal bleeding was from hemorrhoids — nothing to worry… Read More »

Best Practices for Managing Lawyers

Welcome to Best Practices, formerly the Trial Practice column. Readers of the column will continue to find guidance for how to effectively prepare for and conduct trials, but the title change reflects a broader scope of topics to come. Future articles will highlight best practices and ideals in all aspects of the law, including transactional… Read More »

Planning for Law School

Approximately 5 % of graduating Southwestern University students enter law school directly upon graduation. About 25-30 % of SU graduates yearly continue their education. SU students definitely have the potential to secure entry to and graduate from graduate and professional school – and planning ahead helps! The most successful students take every advantage to enhance… Read More »

Tax Law

I have been asked to comment on the activities of tax counsel, and how one starts on this career path. Being a tax lawyer encompasses a number of diverse activities, essentially providing advice to a wide range of clients on how to structure businesses, as well as designing and implementing transactions and business plans. Clients… Read More »

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